Exterior Brick Cracks are caused by the movement of the foundation's concrete slab.

2014 Weather Recap

2014 Weather – Hottest Year in Recorded History The world has been keeping temperature records for 135 years and it was announced recently that 2014 was the hottest year of all. Multiple organizations, including NASA, the official weather agency of Japan, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), have confirmed or agreed on this

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The footprint of a Bell Bottom Pier compared to a pushed pile.

Price vs. Quality

Price vs. Quality Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Have you ever heard that phrase before? It is very true because when a product or service delivers quality the end result is a satisfied customer. On the other hand, a product or service that fails or is deficient in some way will never

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This map show the intensity of the 2014 drought in Texas and in the Dallas area.

Dallas Drought 2014

Dallas Drought of 2014 (started in 2010) The summer of 2014 is finally over and the results for Dallas are: “still in drought conditions.” It was a tough summer for the north central portion of Texas and for most of Texas in general. And it follows the drought of 2013 and the worst single year

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Sometimes pushed piles skew off at an angle and therefore can support little weight.

Are Pushed Piles Vertical?

The Competition Hopes They are Vertical Hoping for a good outcome is not a good foundation repair strategy. Unlike our competitors, our repair method (Bell Bottom Piers) is not based on hope but rather certainty. What are we talking about? Our competitors use hydraulic jacks to push concrete cylinders into the ground. The problem is

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13x Greater Support

13x Greater Support with Bell Bottom Piers Support, support, support.  That’s what it is all about.  The clay soils under your home’s slab foundation have moved, shifted, swollen, shrunk, or some combination of these events.  In short, the dirt under your foundation is not providing the proper or necessary support and if that is the

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Subsidence – Coming Soon!

Land Subsidence – a Gradual Enemy The continuing drought in California has led to accelerated groundwater pumping from San Joaquin Valley aquifers. This is nothing new for this part of California, but the intensity of the pumping during the last few years is unique. Pumping groundwater from the San Joaquin Valley began in 1926 and

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