Price vs. Quality

Price vs. Quality

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Have you ever heard that phrase before? It is very true because when a product or service delivers quality the end result is a satisfied customer. On the other hand, a product or service that fails or is deficient in some way will never satisfy the customer regardless of how much or how little was paid. It is wise to review the price vs. quality before making a large commitment of money.

Everybody has had the experience of buying a product that seemed “economical” (cheap) at the time of purchase and then it broke a short time later. The price indicated it was probably “low quality” but the expectation was for greater use or utility. In these cases the cheap price is directly related to the low quality. The price or cost was low but the quick failure resulted in the complete loss of the money for the purchase.

Cars can be used as an example. Although the overall quality of all automobiles has improved in the last decade, who can remember the Yugo, the Pinto, and the AMC Gremlin? They had low purchase prices but higher than average repair incidents and very low resale value. So what is the conclusion? In general, a higher priced automobile will have fewer than the average number of repairs and a higher resale value. When all of the factors are taken into consideration – initial purchase price + cost of repairs + resale value – the higher priced automobiles may actually cost less in the long run. That is quality.

Here is the key when trying to compare initial purchase prices – “Will the higher priced product or service deliver superior functionality, efficiency, and long term results?” Usually the higher quality products and services will deliver these higher standards of functional use, lower cost use, and long term durability. Actually, with all important factors considered, the higher priced product may be a lower cost in the long run.

Do Your Research

Don’t accept the word of any or every foundation repair contractor. They all say they have the “best” product. None of them will tell a prospective customer that they offer a mediocre product at a mid-level price. That is why it is important to do your research. Find companies that have credibility because credibility counts. Ask the experts. Read the reviews and testimonials.

Does Dawson Offer the Highest Quality Foundation Repair Available in Texas?

  • Yes
  • Credibility
  • 30+ Years Experience
  • 600+ Online Testimonials
  • Favored by Structural Engineers
  • Bell Bottom Pier repair method with 5.8 times the Load Capacity and 13 times the “Footprint” when compared to cheaper, stacked concrete cylinder methods

Actually, we are probably the lowest cost method of foundation repair. Why? Two reasons. One, because there is rarely any need for a “re-level” and if so there is no charge. Two, and most important, Bell Bottom Piers do not fail – they are permanent.

When the cheaper, stacked concrete cylinders fail it is a complete failure of the repair job and a complete loss of the homeowner’s money. Read more about the engineering questions and concerns of the cheaper repair methods.

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