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Sugar Land Home Foundations Affected By Heavy Rains This Summer

“The almost daily rain during the summer of 2021 has, and will continue to have, dramatic consequences for home foundations and foundation repair in the Sugar Land area,” stated Martin Dawson, owner of Dawson Foundation Repair. “This summer is the opposite of the summer of 2011. That was the year we experienced the worst drought …

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With over 50 inches of rain over two days some Houston streets and houses flooded with up to eight feet of water.

Pier And Beam Home Foundations Continue To Suffer After Hurricane Harvey

This press release describes some of the foundation problems being experienced by home owners – the fact that pier and beam home foundations continue to suffer after Hurricane Harvey. Some homes rest on a pier and beam foundation rather than a concrete slab foundation. These pier and beam foundations sit on clay soils. When Hurricane …

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Failed Home Foundations Are The Norm

Our press release of March 29, 2017, repeated our mantra that home builders in Texas build concrete slab foundations that are “minimally functional.” And in many cases they don’t even qualify for that low standard. Failed Home Foundations Are The Norm in Texas. At Dawson Foundation Repair we receive calls daily from people that own …

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Dawson Was Recommended

This Houston homeowner is requesting a foundation inspection after seeing a few cracks in the floor.  He is contacting us because two of his neighbors are foundation repair referrals. The good news is that it appears from the email that these cracks are not large.  The bad news is that his neighbors have had foundation …

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Do You Know the Weight of Your Home?

Knowing the weight of your home will give you, the homeowner, a better appreciation of the weight being borne by the soil directed beneath the foundation. It should also give you a better appreciation of the tremendous forces of nature – that being soil movement, which is the primary cause of damage to concrete slab …

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The footprint of a Bell Bottom Pier compared to a pushed pile.

Price vs. Quality

Price vs. Quality Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Have you ever heard that phrase before? It is very true because when a product or service delivers quality the end result is a satisfied customer. On the other hand, a product or service that fails or is deficient in some way will never …

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Sidewalk Settlement

Moving Sidewalks

Moving Sidewalks Sidewalks are very similar to concrete slab home foundations. They provide a level surface that is designed to carry weight – the weight of walking people. Sidewalks also use the soil for support. And that is when the problems start. Sidewalks have Problems? How can something as simple as a concrete sidewalk have …

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The Wilshire Grand Center has a concrete foundation 18 feet thick.

18 Foot Thick Foundation

Now That’s a Foundation Recently a Korean company began construction on what will become the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Los Angeles will be the home of this skyscraper that will offer 900 hotel rooms, offices, and convention space. Its 18 foot thick foundation also boasts the longest continuous concrete pour in history …

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa illustrates the need for stable support under the foundation

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa – Foundation Problems? The Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous buildings in the world because it has been leaning at a gravity-defying angle for over 800 years. The world wonders when it will collapse because in 1989 a similar leaning bell tower in the town of Pavia, Italy collapsed …

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