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Vet a Contractor

Vet a Contractor – Compare Companies Are you confused by all of the “conflicting” claims and information about foundation repair? We understand because we talk with people every day who are confused. So we have a suggestion – ask for independent information.  And you can use our handy checklists to compare foundation repair companies. Online …

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Concrete Pressed Piles broken during Hydraulic Installation

Why we Don’t Like Pressed Piles

We Don’t Like Pressed Piles Most foundation repair contractors in Texas use some form of a Pressed Pile method of foundation repair because it is fast, cheap, and very profitable for the contractor. At Dawson Foundation Repair we don’t like pressed piles and we have never installed them. We install Bell Bottom Piers. Since a …

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Shoddy Foundations are common in Houston and southeast Texas.

Shoddy Foundations

Shoddy Foundations and Shoddy Homebuilders Want to buy a new home? Or build your dream home?  Well, you better do your homework because Texas laws are designed to protect shoddy homebuilders. And one of the areas of shoddy work is the foundation – minimally functional foundations that are almost guaranteed to fail in short order. …

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Fault Lines in Texas

Fault Lines in Texas In simple terms, a fault line is fracture or crack in the rock of the earth’s crust. The rock can split apart and leave a crevice or it can have vertical movement where one side is higher than the other. Or a fault can be both, a large crack with different …

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Severe Droughts will cause significant foundation damage to homes in Texas

Foundation Inspections Impacted By Drought

Foundation Inspections Impacted By Drought Drought conditions in Texas usually cause an increase in the number of foundation repair inspections performed. Homeowners, finding new cracks in walls and masonry, noticing windows and doors opening less smoothly than they are used to, are concerned that the drought has caused the soil underneath their home to sink. …

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Keep It Moist

Keep It Moist Your home’s foundation needs the soil under it to maintain a stability of moisture that it’s not getting again this year. When it’s hot and dry, as it has been throughout the state of Texas, the conditions require crucial maintenance of your foundation. Controlling the moisture level around the home can be …

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Under Slab Plumbing Test

Under Slab Plumbing Test So, Dawson has completed its work on repairing your home’s foundation. Now everything is done, right?  Well, no, not exactly.  Under slab plumbing leaks can occur before or during the foundation leveling process. Dawson Foundation Repair recommends that the homeowner pay for a plumbing test after we have installed the proven …

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Bell Bottom Piers are the Highest Quality Foundation Repair Method available in Texas

The Advantages of Bell Bottom Piers

The Advantages of Bell Bottom Piers There are major differences among the various methods of foundation repair. As a homeowner this data clearly delineates for you the strengths and weaknesses of the several methods commonly used in the residential foundation repair in the state of Texas. It shows that Dawson Foundation Repair’s method is the …

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Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Foundation Repairs

Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Foundation Repairs In most regions of Texas the soil supporting homes is clay. Clay soil swells when it absorbs water and settles, or collapses, when the water evaporates, as during the recent two-year drought. This up and down movement wreaks havoc on your home’s foundation. And, your homeowner’s insurance probably does …

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You Can Inspect Your Home’s Foundation (Part 2)

You Can Inspect Your Home’s Foundation (Part 2) This is Part 2 of information you can use to self-inspect your home’s foundation. (You can read Part 1 HERE.) When a homeowner thinks of home maintenance, the predominant concerns are the superstructure (everything above the foundation) and the grounds (landscaping). But there is more to it. …

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