Failed Home Foundations Are The Norm

Our press release of March 29, 2017, repeated our mantra that home builders in Texas build concrete slab foundations that are “minimally functional.” And in many cases they don’t even qualify for that low standard. Failed Home Foundations Are The Norm in Texas. At Dawson Foundation Repair we receive calls daily from people that own relatively new homes – homes less than 10 years old – with major foundation issues. The reason is simple – home builders use a minimal amount of concrete and steel rebar. “Saving” a few thousand dollars with less materials improves their profits. But it leaves a majority of Houston homeowners with large foundation repair and leveling costs over the long term life of the house.

Home Builders simply fail to build concrete slab foundations with enough concrete and steel rebar to last a lifetime.

Home Builder profits overshadow the obscured long term costs for homeowners having to repair and relevel their home foundations.

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