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Fault Lines in Texas

Fault Lines in Texas

Fault Lines can cause large cracks in roads, commercial buildings, and homes.In simple terms, a fault line is fracture or crack in the rock of the earth’s crust. The rock can split apart and leave a crevice or it can have vertical movement where one side is higher than the other. Or a fault can be both, a large crack with different elevations on each side.

Unfortunately for homeowners there are many fault zones or areas of fault lines in the state of Texas. This is particularly unfortunate when a home is built directly on top of a fault line that slowly or suddenly begins to move. The result is that the home, and its foundation, are literally torn apart. This is mother nature “at work” and no foundation repair company can stabilize a foundation sitting atop an active fault line. In many of these situations, the home can’t be sold and is considered a total loss.

This is the situation in a high end community in north Houston known as The Woodlands. Various lawsuits are being pursued by homeowners who are claiming that the development group had prior knowledge of the existence of the fault zone prior to opening the area to home development. One homeowner is stating that he has a 7 inch elevation change in one part of his home. Another homeowner is claiming a 6 inch drop in the middle of his home. A third homeowner is claiming his $500,000 home now has an appraised value of $33,000.

We don’t know who will prevail in the lawsuit but prospective homeowners in Texas should ask for the latest fault zone and fault line maps in their area. We suggest they also discuss insurance possibilities with their home insurance companies.  For more information about fault lines in Texas and fault lines in Houston:

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