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What factors determine the feasibility of raising a house above the floodplain?

Ultimately the homeowner will decide if the cost of raising his/her home is worth the benefit. We suggest raising the house AT LEAST 2 feet (Free Board) above the BFE (Base Flood Elevation) or the highest flood level in the house, whichever is higher. Should the homeowner want a greater degree of safety then the house lift could be 2, 4, 5, or 6 feet above the BFE.

Do you offer a Warranty?

Yes, a lifetime service agreement.


BFE is the Base Flood Elevation. This is a calculated number that is used to predict or anticipate the depth of floodwater in a given area. It is a number used by various agencies and companies for flood information. BFE is used to determine the height of a house lift. The height above the BFE is also used in the calculation of flood insurance premiums. The higher a structure is above the BFE then the lower the flood insurance premium.

Free Board

Free Board is a factor of safety measurement. If you raise a house two feet above the BFE, or expected flood level, then two feet is your Free Board or factor of safety.Raising a House Above the Floodplain is a complex job and the homeowner should be fully aware of all aspects of the job.

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