Underground Support For House Elevation

Which Support System Do You Want When The Next Hurricane Arrives?

Pushed Piles suffer from inherent disadvantages and basic design limitations. Bell Bottom Piers are the ideal solution for undergound support of concrete slab foundations.

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Pushed Piles – small footprint, limited weight bearing capacity, segmented, no method available to verify vertical installation = poor solution

Footprint / Surface Area – 28.3 square inches

Weight Bearing Capacity: limited

Dawson Foundation Repair

Bell Bottom Piers – large footprint, single unit construction, high weight bearing capacity = High Strength and High Stability

Footprint / Surface Area –  380 square inches
(13x larger for Stability)

Weight Bearing Capacity: Very High (5 to 20 times greater than pushed piles)

Stronger and Safer in lateral strength at higher elevations

There are several Key Factors that are part of a successful and QUALITY house elevation. One of the most overlooked is the Underground Support for the House Elevation. This is important because the house needs greater stability than before – it could be as much as 15 feet higher. Without a doubt the Bell Bottom Pier is the best solution for underground support. Compared to the basic pushed pile, it is far stronger, capable of bearing 5 – 20 times more weight, and has a very large footprint for stability (13 times larger than pushed piles). You can read more about the comparison of Bell Bottom Piers on our Comparison of Foundation Methods page.

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