Slab Separation For House Lifting

Sometimes for technical and / or cost reasons, we may recommend a “Slab Separation” rather than lifting the house and the attached concrete slab foundation. For the situations where the house lift is over 8 feet, we may recommend a slab separation because of its greater stability.

A slab separation, as the name suggests, is the separation of the house from the concrete slab foundation. The slab foundation will remain in place and new concrete columns and walls will be built between the original house and the original slab foundation. Below are few examples of a slab separation and the construction of new concrete columns and walls.

This house will rest on wood blocks until the new concrete walls and columns are constructed.
The cosmetic brick exterior walls were removed and the house lifted in this photo. After the concrete columns and walls are built the house will be lowered and attached to the walls.
Newly built concrete columns and walls will support the house.
A worker is checking the construction work of a newly built concrete wall which will support the house. The original slab foundation is still in place.
Concrete walls are built to support a house that has been elevated approximately 10 feet.
When the new concrete walls are complete the house will be lowered and attached to the walls. The outer portions of the walls will have a decorative skin or brick attached.

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