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Foundation Repair in Flower Mound, Texas

Quality is more important than Price.  Which of the two common methods of foundation repair in Flower Mound offers more support in stable soil?  (They have to support tons of weight – the weight of the foundation plus the weight of the home plus the weight of the contents inside the home.) Isn’t it obvious?  That is why we install Bell Bottom Piers as our method of leveling and repair. One of the repair methods shown below is quick and cheap. Our method requires more time, more labor, more concrete, and more steel rebar. Time-tested, Proven, and Permanent with Bell Bottom Piers. Learn more by taking our “Foundation Repair Quiz”.

Bell Bottom Piers is the Highest Quality Foundation Repair method available in Flower Mound, Texas.
Flower Mound, Texas is a small city of 43.4 square miles in Denton and Tarrant counties. The city gets its name from the prominent flower covered 12.5 acre mound located in the southern part of the city. The mound is believed to have been a sacred ceremonial ground of Wichita Indians in the early 1800s. It is currently privately owned and not available for development.

The physical geography does not vary greatly in north Texas and Flower Mound is located on top of soil with a high clay content. Unfortunately, these clays are the cause of soil movement and damage to rigid concrete slab foundations. And when a home or commercial building foundation has experienced movement then the home or commercial building itself usually suffers damage also.

Interior wall cracks around doors and windows are warning signs of foundation damage.
Do you know what the warning signs are for foundation movement and damage? Cracked exterior bricks, cracked tile floors, cracked interior sheetrock, and doors and windows that do not open or close properly are all warning signs of foundation damage. If you see some of the warning signs of foundation damage, then please call us today for a FREE Foundation Inspection (free for homes not involved in real estate transactions).

We utilize the Bell Bottom Pier method of foundation repair exclusively. Why? Because it is the best and we intend to offer our customers only the best. Bell Bottom Piers are proven, time-tested, and permanent. They use the same construction method that is used to build concrete columns for bridges and highway overpasses. There are other methods of repair available but we use only one. Please click the following link if you would like to compare the methods of foundation repair.

Exterior brick cracks shown in this photo are a clear indication of soil movement and the resulting foundation movement and damage.
Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Flower Mound. A building permit is required for jobs over $3000 in value and an engineering report is also required. You may call the city building inspection department at 972-874-6355 for more information.

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