Our Concrete Slab And Foundation Repair Services

This photos shows the elevation of a concrete slab foundation and the home above the Base Flood Elevation.At Dawson Foundation Repair, we realize that every project is different and we take special care to ensure that your home is treated right. Although this may be the first and only time a homeowner has to deal with home foundation problems, we do it every day. We are determined to see that your home gets the same care that we give our very own. When you choose Dawson, you receive the Highest Quality foundation repair services available which includes:

♦  A lifetime transferable service agreement on all repair work
♦ A FREE foundation repair inspection* which includes a written appraisal and home foundation repair plan
♦  A 15-18 foot soil test on every job to determine soil conditions
♦  Steel reinforced concrete Bell Bottom Piers – Highest Quality Repair Method available in Texas
♦  An independent engineering firm to measure each bell bottom pier for bell size and depth
♦  A concrete and mud slurry pumped into the voids under the concrete slab to ensure the strength and stability of your home’s foundation in the future
♦ We also repair Pier and Beam or Block and Base foundations
♦  Root barricades installed where needed
♦  We help provide detection of plumbing leaks under all concrete slabs
♦  Provide trenching and tunnelling services for under slab plumbing repairs
♦  Homeowners insurance claim assistance is available
♦  FHA/VA certification is available
♦  We obtain all city inspections and building permits where required
♦  We are fully insured for your protection

Other Related Foundation Repair Services

At Dawson Foundation Repair we install stronger and permanent Bell Bottom Piers.
Foundation Repair
We install Bell Bottom Piers – a proven and permanent foundation repair and house leveling solution.
We can install Root Barricades to protect home slab foundations from tree root damage.
Root Barricades
We can install a root barricade three to five feet from the exterior walls of your home.
Flood Plain Lifting is expensive but we can elevate home above the Base Flood Elevation.
Engineering Information
We have engineering reports, studies, and opinions from independent Structural Engineers.
Under Slab Plumbing problems can be repaired by Dawson Foundation Repair.
Under Slab Excavation
We offer trenching and tunnelling services for your plumber.

Call or contact us online today to discuss any of our services in more detail or to arrange a FREE Foundation inspection.

*For Homes not Involved in Real Estate Transactions

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