Foundation Support for Dummies

Foundation Support for Dummies (and Concrete Slabs)

Can you imagine an elephant walking around on skinny legs and “insy-tinsy” feet? Do you think that would work well? Probably not because elephants weigh tons. They need large, strong legs and large, flat feet to give their bodies the necessary support. It’s really just simple physics.

So why do homeowners buy “foundation repair” services that offer “skinny legs” and “insy-tinsy” feet? Well, because they don’t know or understand the truth. Of course, they are persuaded by contractors that these “pressed pile” repair methods are adequate. One of the truths the contractors don’t tell homeowners is that these “pressed pile” methods are very profitable for the contractor – more profitable than larger, stronger methods such as the Bell Bottom Pier method.

Skinny Legs with Insy-Tinsy Feet vs. Bell Bottom Piers

Foundation Repair in Plano Texas depends on solid Bell Bottom Piers with large feet for support

Above is a diagram of our Bell Bottom Pier compared to the other common methods of foundation repair. Which one do you think is more capable of supporting tons of weight? Which one do you think is stronger? Which one is permanent and proven? I think you know the answer now.

Advantages of Bell Bottom Piers

  • single unit – solid one piece construction
  • can be inspected prior to final installation – the shape, size, and depth of the cap and the drilled shaft and bell bottom foot can be confirmed with tools and a visual inspection
  • steel rebar is inserted in the shaft and cap of the concrete pier for additional strength
  • large foot – the bell bottom creates a 22 inch diameter foot for support of heavy loads

Engineering Studies and Opinions

We have gathered various reports, opinions, and studies written by structural engineers about different foundation repair methods. Structural engineers are the engineers that are specifically educated to understand and analyze concrete slab foundations. They are the ultimate experts. You won’t find much support for “pressed pile” repair methods. As a matter of fact, you won’t find any. You will find some harsh criticism that labels these methods “temporary” and “useless.”

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