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Foundation Repair in Garland, Texas

Garland, Texas is located in Dallas and Collin counties. It is a major suburb of Dallas, Texas and is the tenth largest city in the state. The city consists of a total of 57.1 square miles of area. Dawson offers concrete slab Foundation Repair in Garland, Texas. We offer the highest quality foundation repair method available in Texas – Bell Bottom Piers.

Home Foundation Repair in Garland, Texas
One of the two foundation repair methods above offers a load capacity 5.8 greater than the other as well as a “footprint” or surface area in stable soil 13 times larger for greater support

Garland, TX rests upon a relatively flat area of soils that contain a high percentage of clay. These clay soils are well known for their ability to damage concrete slab foundations. The clay soils absorb water and swell in volume during wet periods. During hot and dry weather, the clay soils lose water and shrink dramatically in volume. Although this soil movement under a concrete foundation will typically be one to five inches, there are cases where vertical soil movement was as much as nine inches. This soil movement, vertical and horizontal, puts enormous stress on a rigid concrete foundation. Often times the stress of soil movement is greater than the strength of the concrete foundation and the result is a cracked foundation with damage to the interior of the home or building. The solution is to stabilize the foundation with greater support that will resist these forces of soil movement. At Dawson Foundation Repair, we provide this additional support with Bell Bottom Piers, a long-term, permanent solution.

Bell Bottom Piers – Highest Quality Repair Method

At Dawson we believe that a homeowner deserves a proven and permanent solution to his / her foundation problems.  A home is usually the most expensive asset owned by an individual or family and most homeowners want to preserve the value of their home.  That is why we offer only one repair method for home foundations.  There are other, cheaper methods available and they are highly profitable for the repair contractor.  Unfortunately, these cheaper repair methods are low quality and the structural engineers at A-1 Engineering have declared them to be “almost useless” and “temporary.”  Before you decide on a foundation contractor we suggest you do an internet search for “complaints + foundation repair” or “complaints + company name” and read about some of the examples of low quality foundation work and poor customer service.  Let’s take a quick look at Bell Bottom Piers.

Advantages of Bell Bottom Piers

  • Monolithic – bell bottom piers are a single unit and far stronger and more stable than concrete cylinders stacked one on top of another
  • Permanent – bell bottom piers will last the lifetime of your home and beyond
  • Proven – drilled piers and bell bottom piers have been used successfully in Texas for almost 100 years
  • Load Capacity – able to support 5.8 times more weight than the various pushed pile methods
  • Sub-surface Stability – the foot or bottom of the pier has a surface area 13 times greater than a pushed pile and therefore is much more stable as a support structure

Disadvantages of Bell Bottom Piers

  • Higher cost
  • Longer installation time


Need More Information ?

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