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Foundation Repair in Grapevine, Texas

Homes and commercial building in the Grapevine, Texas area are built on top of soils that contain clay. Clay soils are well know for their ability to swell and shrink with changes in moisture content. Unfortunately, this swelling and shrinking, or soil movement, will crack and damage rigid concrete slab foundations and create the need for foundation repair.

Bell Bottom Piers offer a Permanent Solution - 5.8x Load Capacity and 13x Footprint area for Stability
Which of the two foundation repair methods above offers your concrete home foundation GREATER support, stability, load capacity, and permanency?

Grapevine, TX is a suburb of Fort Worth and primarily located in Tarrant county. Small portions of the city extend into Denton and Dallas counties. The city was named for its wild mustang grapes and there are a number of wineries in the area. Grapevine has 35.9 square miles of total area of which 10% is surface water, Grapevine Lake.

Need More Information about Foundation Repair ?

Compare Bell Bottom Piers with other popular foundation repair methods – compare foundation repair methods. You will understand why we use this method exclusively. It is the best long term solution.

Review the entire step-by-step foundation repair process. Our web site will show you how we do the job with photos and explanations. There is no mystery here – just old-fashioned hard work.

Are you an engineer? Want to know more? How’s this? Technical and engineering information about foundation repair.

Want to know what 100s of our past customers think of our work? Testimonials from foundation repair customers.

Too many trees and / or shrubs close to your home or commercial building? Read about the dangers to concrete foundations from tree roots and how root barricades can help.

FREE Foundation Inspection (free for homes not involved in real estate transactions) !

Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Grapevine. A building permit and an engineering report are required in this city. You may call the city building inspection department at 817-410-3165 for more information.

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