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Foundation Repair in Longview, Texas

Soil characteristics in this area of northeast Texas necessitate a great deal of foundation repair in Longview, both for homes and commercial businesses.  Longview is about 125 miles east of Dallas and close to Tyler, Texas, a city of similar size. Other cities or towns close to Longview include Kilgore, White Oak, Lakeport, Easton, Hallsville, Judson, White Oak, Warren City, and Gladewater. Situated in east Texas, Longview resides primarily in Gregg county with a small portion located in Harrison county. Longview is part of the Longview Metropolitan Statistical Area which includes Gregg, Upshur, and Rusk counties. Longview is considered a commercial center for this area.

Longview has shown modest to good growth in the past decade. The economy is considered relatively healthy with employment in oil services, technology, and manufacturing. The city has also expanded its retail sector and retail shopping has become a more important part of the area economy.  The city also has a relatively young population with a median age of 34.
This photos demonstrates the differences between two common foundation repair methods. Foundation repair in Longview.
The clay soils in east Texas are problematic for the concrete slab foundations commonly used for homes and commercial businesses. It is a well known fact that these soils will absorb water and swell and later lose water and shrink. These changes in volume create soil movement, both horizontal and vertical. In some cases the vertical soil movement can be as much as nine inches between wet weather and hot, dry weather. This soil movement creates stresses that most rigid concrete foundations can not resist and the results are cracked foundations. When the foundation cracks there can be light to extensive damage to the home or commercial building.

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Soil movement under a slab foundation can cause both foundation damage and interior wall cracks. Foundation repair in Longview.

Testimonial Letters from foundation repair customers – we have hundreds of these testimonials on our web site. You probably don’t have time to read all of them but please take the time to review some of them.

And we use the BEST FOUNDATION REPAIR METHOD – BELL BOTTOM PIERS. Why Bell Bottom Piers? Because they are a permanent, time-tested, and proven solution. The construction process is similar to the process used to build concrete columns for bridges and highway overpasses. There are other popular repair methods but you can compare foundation repair methods and clearly see the advantages of Bell Bottom Piers.

We also offer technical and engineering information about foundation repair for our customers who have engineering backgrounds. Please read some of the studies and reports written by engineers with experience in this field.

We have a Free Foundation Maintenance Tips page on our web site. (Keep the soil uniformly moist)

And should you see any of the warning signs of foundation repair damage, then please call us today for a FREE Foundation Inspection (free for homes not involved in real estate transactions).

Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin any job for foundation repair in Longview. A building permit is required in Longview but an engineering report is usually not required in most instances. You may call the city building inspection department at 903-237-1000 for more information.

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