Martin Dawson

Who is Martin Dawson?

Founder /Owner of Dawson Foundation Repair

Martin Dawson - founder of Dawson Foundation Repair
Martin Dawson

Recently Dawson Foundation Repair celebrated their 30 year anniversary serving Texas homeowners and property owners. We want to tell our past and future customers a little about the history of the company and the founder.

Martin Dawson was born and raised in the United Kingdom and received a great deal of “on-the-job” training in home construction. His father was a home builder so Martin began learning the construction trade at an early age.

In the 1970s Martin relocated to the United States and settled in Houston. He began working with real estate inspectors and helping homeowners with repair jobs. Much of his early work dealt with foundation problems caused by the ever-present clay soils in Texas. In 1979 he formed a small construction company which he sold in 1983.

In 1984 Martin decided to form a new construction company that would focus exclusively on foundation repair. He saw the tremendous need for this service. At that time there was only one repair method being used by contractors, the drilled pier with a bell or “Bell Bottom Pier” method. This method was designed by FHA and VA engineers to deal with the many damaged home foundations in Texas and other states. It is the only foundation repair method ever used by Dawson Foundation Repair.

The company marketing began with a Yellow Page ad and the first job was performed with one truck and four men. Dawson Foundation Repair grew over the years and now it is the leading home foundation repair company in Texas. There have been many competitors that have “come and gone” with most of them claiming to be the “best.” New foundation repair methods were developed but Martin Dawson quickly saw that these methods were inferior and would rarely provide a permanent solution. These new repair methods were primarily developed to enhance the contractors’ profits. Martin Dawson has never wavered in his selection of the Bell Bottom Pier repair method because it is proven, time-tested, and permanent. The 600+ online testimonial letters are the best evidence that he is providing the best service / product to the consumer.

Today Dawson Foundation Repair continues to help homeowners and property owners throughout the state of Texas including Houston, Dallas, Plano, Sugar Land, San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi.

Should you have any questions about your concrete slab foundation then give us a call and ask for a foundation inspection.

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