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Foundation Repair in Mesquite, Texas

Like many areas in northeast Texas, the clay soils in Mesquite, Texas are problematic for building construction and concrete slab foundations. When it rains the clay soils absorb large amounts of water and swell dramatically in volume. The swelling creates “uplift” for any structure built upon the soil and can be extremely damaging to rigid concrete foundations. Similarly, when weather conditions are very hot and dry the clay soils will lose significant amounts of water and shrink dramatically. When the soils shrink and lose contact with a concrete slab foundation, the foundation has literally lost its support. If the area of shrinkage is large enough then the foundation will crack and collapse until it reaches its support – which is the shrunken clay soil.

Dawson Foundation Repair utilizes only one method of foundation repair, the Bell Bottom Pier method. There is a simple reason for using this method exclusively – it works and it is permanent. This method of pouring concrete into excavated holes and reinforcing the concrete with steel rebar is the same conceptual method used to build columns for highway overpasses and bridges. It is a time-tested and proven method. There are other repair methods available and they all have significant disadvantages. Please click on the following link to compare methods of foundation repair.

For more information about Dawson Foundation Repair’s Mesquite services, see the following:

· See a step-by-step walk through of the Foundation Repair Process.

Mesquite Soil Characteristics and Climate As They Affect Foundation Repair

In general, the DFW metroplex has a shallow bedrock and very rocky soil composed of mostly silty clay, silty loam, and gravel. While there are parts of Dallas with very stable ground, the majority of the soil has extreme plasticity, meaning that depending on weather and moisture conditions, the soil is prone to swelling or shrinking in large volumes. This swelling and shrinking of the soil will crack concrete slabs and is the biggest single contributor to demand for home foundation repair.

Changing moisture levels in the soil under a home’s foundation are the largest contributors to damage to the concrete slab. The climate of the Dallas metroplex is humid subtropical with very hot temperatures in the summer of 90°F+ most days and heat-humidity indexes soaring to as high as 117 °F (47 °C). When accounting only for temperature, the Dallas metroplex is one of the hottest areas in the United States during summer. Usually only portions of Arizona, Nevada and southeastern California are hotter. These prolonged periods of hot, dry weather will dehydrate soils and cause many instances of cracked concrete house foundation slabs in and around Dallas, Texas. The area receives about 30 inches of rain per year with a large portion arriving in the spring. The winters tend to be mild or cool with temperatures falling below freezing occasionally.

Call us today for a FREE Foundation Inspection (free for homes not involved in real estate transactions). Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin your foundation repair job in Mesquite.  If you have warning signs of foundation damage, then we would be happy to visit your home or business.

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