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An Overview of Nacogdoches Texas

Our service area includes foundation repair in Nacogdoches. The city is located in Nacogdoches county in east Texas and its 2007 population was estimated to be 32,000. Nacogdoches has a sister city in the state of Louisiana by the name of Natchitoches. Lake Nacogdoches is located ten miles west of the city of Nacogdoches.

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Nacogdoches Soil Characteristics As They Affect Foundation Repair

According to the United States Census Bureau, Nacogdoches has a total area of 25.3 square miles of which only 0.1 square miles (0.24%) is surface water. The city rests at an elevation of 302 feet. The city is located on the large Gulf Coastal Plain which is primarily flat to rolling terrain. This large plain was created over thousands of years by the erosion of soils from higher elevations. The accumulated sediments have a large percentage of clays and clay soils. These clay soils are known to absorb water when wet and expand in volume. They also will shrink in volume when dry. This expansion and contraction of the clay soils will create both horizontal and vertical soil movement. The movement can be very severe during very wet or very dry periods and they put tremendous pressures on a rigid concrete slab foundations. When these pressures are too great, a foundation or part of a foundation, may experience uplift, collapse, and/or cracking.

Service Areas For Home Foundation Repair In Nacogdoches Texas

Dawson Foundation Repair will provide FREE home foundation repair inspections and estimates for the Nacogdoches, TX area (for homes not involved in real estate transactions).

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