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An Overview of Conroe Texas

Conroe, Texas is suburban city 40 miles north of downtown Houston. The homes and commercial properties in Conroe suffer similar foundation repair problems of the larger geographic area. Conroe rests upon the Gulf Coastal Plains of southeast Texas and is also considered part of the piney woods region of southeast Texas. The 2010 population of Conroe was estimated at 53,000 and the residents enjoy a blend of nature, history, recreation, and the arts. It is located close to Lake Conroe which is a popular recreational area offering year round water activities and cultural events.

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Conroe Soil Characteristics As They Affect Foundation Repair

Conroe consists of 37.9 square miles of area, of which less than 1% is surface water. The Gulf Coastal Plains, of which Conroe is a part, is a flat to rolling topography that included many streams, rivers, and marsh wetlands. Most importantly, the Gulf Coastal Plains is largely comprised of many layers of sediments with a high clay content. The clay in the sediments give the soils a very undesireable characteristic for concrete slab foundations – movement. The clay soils will expand in volume when wet and shrink in volume when dry. This expansion and shrinkage equals movement and is repeated every year.

Service Areas For Home Foundation Repair In Conroe Texas

Dawson Foundation Repair will provide FREE home foundation repair inspections and estimates for the Conroe, TX area (free for homes not involved in real estate transactions).