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Foundation Repair in Kingwood, Texas

Kingwood, Texas is a master planned community located in the far corner of northeast Houston that has required significant foundation repair to its homes and buildings. Kingwood consists of 14,000 acres or 57 square kilometers and rests upon thick layers of clay soils, which are common throughout the geographic area. These soils are responsible for significant horizontal and vertical soil movement as they absorb and lose water with changes in weather. This soil movement creates tremendous stresses underneath the concrete slab foundations of homes and businesses. Portions of foundations can crack when “uplifted” by swelling soils or collapse and crack when clay soils lose water and shrink dramatically.

Kingwood is the largest master planned community in Harris county. A small portion of Kingwood is also located in Montgomery county. It is known as the “Livable Forest” because of the presence of numerous trees, particularly pine trees. The city was founded in 1969 and annexed by the city of Houston in 1996.

The expansion and contraction of clay soils will create great stresses upon concrete slab foundations resulting in the slab's movement and cracking.

This portion of the home’s concrete slab foundation has experienced settlement and has separated from the exterior brick wall.

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Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Kingwood. A building permit and an engineering report are required in this community. You may call the city building inspection department at 281-361-9580 for more information.