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Foundation Repair in Missouri City

Missouri City, Texas is located in southwestern part of the Houston/Galveston metroplex area and has experienced significant problems with foundation damage and foundation repair. It is located mostly in Fort Bend county but a small portion is located in Harris county. It encompasses two zip code areas, 77459 and 77489. The city has 30.4 square miles of total area of which 2.37% is surface water. The city has a long history in Texas dating back to the mid 1800s.

Quality Scam

Every foundation company will tell the public that their method is the “best” but the truth is that there is a large variation in quality. Like most services, the quality of different foundation repair methods varies from very low to very high. Usually the homeowner is never told the full and complete story about quality. There are some truly awful repair methods beings used on unknowing homeowners. Mediocre methods are sold as premium products and services. The structural engineers at A-1 Engineering have called the most common foundation repair methods (pushed piles) sold in Texas “temporary” and “useless.” It can be very confusing for homeowners.

A-1 Engineering states that the pushed piles method of foundation repair is mostly useless and ineffective.

Statement by A-1 Engineering, an independent Structural Engineering Company

Lower cost Pushed Piles offer the promise of savings but it is an illusion because the seasonal nature of soil movement will expose the flaws and limitations of this method of foundation repair very quickly. When the soil starts to move once again, the pushed piers will start moving also – up and down and sideways. The homeowner will find himself or herself in a vicious circle of re-leveling the house, repairing the house, and then re-leveling and repairing every year or two. Pushed piles are NOT a permanent solution and all of the repair companies know it. That is the reason you are required to contractually forfeit your right to sue the foundation repair contractor before the work begins (aka Mandatory Arbitration).

Cheap (sometimes) and Fast Foundation Repair Methods are Low Quality. They are also the MOST Profitable for foundation repair contractors.

Soil settlement will crack a home's concrete slab foundation and cause damage to various parts of the home including exterior brick walls.

Exterior Brick Crack is the result of soil settlement and the slab foundation’s inability to support weight over a void or air pocket.

Low Quality Foundation Repair Methods (Pushed Piles)

  • Unknown Installation Results (NO verification) – Foundation Contractor HOPES piles were pushed into a vertical column; No verification method exists to determine if the piles that were pushed-in remained in a vertical column; often these concrete cylinders hit rocks or tree roots and skew-off at an angle; an angled column of pushed piles offers no support and is worthless
  • Multiple Pieces – Stacking concrete cylinders on top of each other is a flawed concept; it lacks permanence, strength, and weight bearing capacity
  • Low Weight Bearing Capacity – Maximum Factor of Safety is 1
  • Temporary Solution
  • Mandatory Arbitration Scam – No judge, no jury, no appeal, no public record; Mandatory Arbitration is a racket designed to protect shoddy and incompetent businesses, not consumers
  • Warranty Scam – multiple exclusions, charging customers to Re-Level; most warranties have so many exclusions that they are worthless; foundation repair contractors are charging hapless homeowners tens of thousands of dollars for multiple “re-levels” of their failed foundation repair jobs
  • Lambasted by Independent Structural Engineers – Read our Engineering Reports and the quote above from A-1 Engineering

Click on the Links below to read More About Pressed Piles from A-1 Engineering





Slab foundations can crack and "walk" or move downhill when there has been excessive settlement of the clay soils.

This is a 3 inch crack or gap in the slab foundation in the kitchen. The foundation has cracked and “walked” this distance because of soil settlement.

High Quality Foundation Repair Method (Drilled Pier / Bell Bottom Pier)

Drilled Piers are cylinders that are excavated and then filled with concrete and steel rebar. When the bottom of the cavity is hollowed-out in the shape of a bell the result is called a Bell Bottom Drilled Pier or Bell Bottom Pier.

  • Known Installation Results (verification) – Drilled pier cavaties are inspected and verified by an engineering firm for proper dimensions before pouring the concrete
  • Single Piece – permanent and strong; engineering term is monolithic
  • High Weight Bearing Capacity – Able to support 5 to 20 times more weight than pushed piles; the base or footprint is 13 times larger than that of a standard concrete cylinder
  • Permanent Solution
  • NO Re-Leveling Charges (re-leveling is seldom necessary)
  • NO Mandatory Arbitration
  • Warranty – never any charge to customer for a Re-Level, which is very infrequent
  • Recommended by Independent Structural Engineers

If you want quality you have to ask for it.

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Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Missouri City. A building permit and an engineering report are required in this city. You may call the permit / city building inspection department at 281-403-8600 or 281-261-4260 for more information.