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Foundation Repair in Missouri City

We utilize the Highest Quality Foundation Repair in Missouri City – Bell Bottom Piers. These piers are single unit construction (monolithic) which gives them much greater strength than a stack of loosely connected concrete cylinders. The foot of the Bell Bottom Pier has 13 times more surface area than a concrete cylinder, which gives it much more weight-bearing capacity (5-20 times) and stability. Our repair method is a proven and permanent repair method. Independent structural engineers overwhelmingly favor Bell Bottom Piers as a support method for concrete slab foundations.

Soil settlement will crack a home's concrete slab foundation and cause damage to various parts of the home including exterior brick walls.

Exterior Brick Crack is the result of soil settlement and the slab foundation’s inability to support weight over a void or air pocket.

It is also important to evaluate the foundation contractor that is performing the work on your home. Has he told you the truth? Has he omitted to tell you about the disadvantages of his pressed pile repair method? Has he failed to tell you that his contract will prohibit you from suing his company for a shoddy and failed repair job? It is called Mandatory Arbitration – a rigged system that defeats the consumer more than 90% of the time. Has he failed to tell you that you will have to pay his company more money every time they have to revisit your house and relevel it? We have a list of questions you can ask every company representative. Click here to compare foundation repair companies.

Slab foundations can crack and "walk" or move downhill when there has been excessive settlement of the clay soils.

This is a 3 inch crack or gap in the slab foundation in the kitchen. The foundation has cracked and “walked” this distance because of soil settlement.

Missouri City

Missouri City, Texas is located in southwestern part of the Houston/Galveston metroplex area and has experienced significant problems with foundation damage and foundation repair. It is located mostly in Fort Bend county but a small portion is located in Harris county. The city has 30.4 square miles of total area of which 2.37% is surface water. The city has a long history in Texas dating back to the mid 1800s.

Missouri City is located in a geographic area that is characterized by large concentrations of clay in the soil. Unfortunately, these clay soils “play havoc” with building and home foundations. One of the characteristics of clay soils is that they will expand and contract with changes in water content. When the weather is wet and rainy the soils will absorb large quantities of water and swell in volume. The result is that they will “uplift” part of a rigid concrete slab foundation and crack it. And there is almost always corresponding damage to the exterior and interior of the home or commercial building. When the weather is dry and hot for long periods of time the clay soils will lose water and shrink dramatically. The result is that the soil loses contact with the concrete foundation above. Now that portion of the foundation has no support and it can collapse and crack, also causing damage to the exterior and interior of the home or commercial building.

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Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Missouri City. A building permit and an engineering report are required in this city. You may call the permit / city building inspection department at 281-403-8600 or 281-261-4260 for more information.