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Foundation Repair in Victoria, Texas

Victoria is about thirty miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico and it is a regional hub for a seven county area. With a population of 60,000, Victoria is the largest city in and the county seat of Victoria County. Victoria county is located on the Coastal Plains of southeastern Texas approximately midway between the southern and eastern extremities of the Texas Gulf Coast. The soil conditions of this part of Texas are characterized by a high degree of soil instability, creating a demand for foundation repair in Victoria.

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Soil Characteristics As They Affect Foundation Repair in Victoria, TX

The United States Census Bureau states that Victoria has a total area of 33.1 square miles (85.8 km²), of which, land comprises 33.0 square miles (85.4 km²) and water comprises 0.2 square miles (0.4 km²). The elevation of the city of Victoria averages 95 ft (29 m). Victoria County has a total area of 887 square miles which is characterized by nearly level to gently rolling coastal prairie and covered primarily with dark clay loams and clays. There are virtually no rock deposits and the plasticity of the soil (a rating which designates how much soil shrinks or swells with changes in moisture) ranges from medium to extreme depending on the location within the county.

The United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, in cooperation with the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station issued an extensive report about the soils in Texas. You can find specific information about Victoria County soils by clicking here. Engineers and other technically minded people may want to read this for more information about how soil conditions can affect a home’s concrete slab and necessitate foundation repair.

If you would like to take a detailed look of the soil in a particular place in Victoria, Texas, consider looking at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Soil Survey Tool. It will give you an in-depth look at exactly what type of soil your home sits on and the characteristics one can expect from soils of that type. For your convenience, you may utilize a tutorial on how to use the Soil Survey Tool that we have compiled.

Climate Influences Home Foundation Repair In Victoria, TX

The climate in Victoria is described as humid and subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. The average highest monthly temperature is 93+° F in both August and September and the average lowest monthly temperature is 43° in January. The highest temperature on record was 111 ° F and the lowest temperature on record was 9 ° F. The average annual rainfall is 40.1 inches.

Because moisture is the primary reason for the ground to shrink or swell under a home’s foundation, heavy rain and  rought conditions are especially important to monitor. Over the last few years, Victoria has experienced several droughts ranging from mild to extreme, making the foundation problems in the area even worse. To learn how to safeguard your investment against severe drought, consider reading our free tips on how to protect your home’s foundation. For more information about current drought conditions, we recommend visiting the US Drought Monitor. If you suspect your foundation is in need of repair, contact us for a FREE Inspection* today!

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