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Foundation Repair in Southlake, Texas

Southlake, Texas is situated on a plain of shallow bedrock and rocky soil comprised of silty clay, silty loam, and gravel which create foundation repair problems. The city is located in Tarrant and Denton counties and the soil has extreme plasticity. Plasticity is a measure of the soil’s propensity to swell or shrink with changes in moisture. Clay soils will swell significantly when wet and shrink significantly when dry. This swelling and shrinking creates horizontal and vertical soil movement that is strong enough to crack concrete slab foundations. And when a concrete slab foundation has cracked, there is almost always damage to the exterior and interior of the home or commercial building. Clay soils are the single largest contributor to foundation damage.

In December 2008, Southlake was named the most affluent neighborhood in the United States by Forbes.com. This statistic was based on average median household income estimates. The city has 22.5 square miles of total area, of which 2.45% is surface water.

Need More Information about Foundation Repair in Southlake ?

We have a Free Foundation Maintenance Tips page on our web site. (Try to keep the soil uniformly moist at all times)

We have hundreds of Testimonial Letters from foundation repair customers. (Letters of thanks for professional work and “dispatching” the occasional coral snake.)

Understanding the Repair process – step-by-step foundation repair process (with photos and commentary)

The BEST FOUNDATION REPAIR METHOD – BELL BOTTOM PIERS. Why do we use Bell Bottom Piers exclusively? Because they are a permanent, time-tested, and proven solution. The construction process is similar to the process used to build concrete columns for bridges and highway overpasses. There are other popular repair methods but you can compare foundation repair methods and clearly see the advantages of Bell Bottom Piers.

Do you have an engineering background? Then this is for you – Technical and Engineering information about foundation repair – written by engineers with experience in this field.

And should you see any of the warning signs of foundation repair damage, then CALL us today for a FREE Foundation Inspection (free for homes not involved in real estate transactions). Our representative will review all aspects of his conclusion and the suggested repair if he feels it is needed.

Dawson Foundation Repair will obtain all necessary building and engineering permits to begin a foundation repair job in Southlake. A building permit and an engineering report are required in this city. You may call the city building inspection department at 817-748-8236 for more information.

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