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Beaumont / Port Arthur Soil Conditions

Beaumont soils are composed mostly of silt and clay. They are very fine and there are virtually no natural rocky areas. Like Houston, the plasticity (the measurement of how much the soil swells or shrinks with water) of soils in Beaumont varies greatly depending on location and ranges from extremely stable to extremely expansive. Overall, the soil in Beaumont is spotty and depends largely on exact location. The city of Beaumont has a total of 143.8 square miles. Of this total, 57.6% or 82.9 square miles is land area and the remaining 42.4% or 60.8 square miles is water.

If you would like to take a detailed look at the soil in your neighbourhood, consider looking at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Soil Survey Tool. It can give you an in-depth look at exactly what type of soil your home sits on and the characteristics one can expect from soils of that type.

For your convenience, we have compiled a tutorial on how to use the Soil Survey Tool which you can read by clicking here.

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